There is quite a bit we can do to get you more power from your Stag engine but bear in mind that there is a reliability trade-off as the Stag engine is not that robust. If you want better reliability a Rover 3500 conversion with a Rover 5-speed gearbox and a Holley carb on an Offenhauser manifold will give you 155 bhp. Or if you want even more power you can go the whole hog (and why not?) and fit a Rover 3.9, 4.2 or 4.6 fuel injected engine producing over 300 bhp. I can help you with everything you need and shedfulls of advice.

NB. a disclaimer must be signed and sent to me for all safety-crucial parts before goods can be despatched

Products Available


No contact breaker points to adjust ever again - Solid state optical switching (includes fitting kit Fk113)

£210.00 Kit

Lumenition Classic Ignition Kit plus Bracket - Stag

As CLASSIC OPTRONIC SOLID STATE IGNITION KIT with additional Classic Mounting Bracket MK006

£232.00 Each
Lumenition Classic Ignition Kit plus Bracket - Stag

Lumenition High Performance Kit - Stag

HIGH PERFORMANCE OPTRONIC IGNITION KIT suited to sports performance engines such as the Stag, this kit gives you all the benefits of the Optronic system but in addition comes with Lumenition's own "Constant Energy High Performance" low-resistance, high quality sports coil, electronically matched to the Power Module. This coil has only 0.9 Ohms resistance compared to 2.5 Ohms on your standard coil. The microcircuit control of the coil current gives optimum performance over speed and voltage range ensuring constant maximum spark energy at the coil. Variable dwell angle, optimising energy use to prevent low-speed coil overheat. Automatic switch-off, preventing electrical damage in the event of the ignition being left on. (includes fitting kit Fk113 and mounting bracket MK006). If you would like your own dash re-veneered please send it to the factory address (on the order acknowledgement), not to me otherwise I will need to charge to re-post it to the factory for you. If ordering online please send these details in a separate e-mail, thanks.

£322.00 Each
Lumenition High Performance Kit - Stag

Gas-flow Inlet & Exhaust Ports (for both heads)

GAS-FLOW INLET & EXHAUST PORTS in your heads. 10-15 bhp more. Important: Please don't post to me but to the machine shop address you will be given after receipt of your order.

£450.00 Per Head
Gas-flow Inlet & Exhaust Ports
£150.00 Per Head
Match ports to inlet manifold

Monarch Radiator - staggered core for Stag Engine


£489.00 Each
Large capacity Stag Engine Large capacity 4 core radiator sits further forward in engine bay

Kenlowe 2000 Fan

2000 SERIES FANS. As a primary, 13" 13HD/Tri/B 15A, 300W

£175.00 Each
Primary 13 As a primary, 13" 13HD/Tri/B 15A, 300W
£140.00 Each
Secondary 13 As a secondary, retaining standard fan, the 13" 13/Tri/B 12.5A, 150W
£185.00 Each
Primary 16 As a primary, the 16 inc adjustable stat and fixings
Monarch Stag Tubular Exhaust Manifold


Incl front 90 deg bends 304 grade st/steel 13/8" dia primaries with smooth mandrel-formed bends (no reduction in diameter). NB. No need to move alternator. Not suitable for Left Hand Drive cars

£585.00 Set
Monarch Exhaust Manifold Stag - set
£15.00 Each
Exhaust Gasket Set - Stag

Link Pipes

To fit to standard Stag silencers. Please select the part no. required to match your gearbox. NB. These are OK for LHD but not suitable for aircon.

£94.00 Pair
TH265 Manual with A overdrive ('70-'73 to LD 21230)
£94.00 Pair
TH266 Manual with J overdrive ('73 onward, from LD21231)
£94.00 Pair
TH265 Automatic BW Type 35 ('70 - '76 to LD41993)
£94.00 Pair
TH267 Automatic BW Type 65 ('76 onward from LD41994)
Mounted on Stag manifold, with Lo-Rider air cleaner

Holley 4 Barrel Carb Kit

I can offer you a kit at the lowest price with many special features offered by Monarch. Read more...

£725.00 Kit
Manual Stag Gearbox
£737.00 Kit
Automatic Stag Gearbox
Top View, mounted for Stag

Holley 4 Barrel Carb - Stag

Uses 2 for normal running & 4 for full power (2nd two vacuum operated). Jetted for Stag. Bolt on and go. 10 BHP more and 26 mpg. Better response and driveability.

£499.00 Each
Holley 4 Barrel Carb - Stag
Holley 7 deg Adaptor Plate

7 degree Adaptor Plate

Cast alloy with improved gas flow to counteract engine angle to mount Holley level on your manifoldRead more...

£160.00 Each
7 degree Adaptor Plate
Modified standard Stag inlet manifold

Stag manifold, with Lo-Rider air cleaner

Lo-Rider Air Cleaner

Lo-Rider Air Cleaner for Holley. Fits under bonnet with NO bulge

£75.00 Each
Lo-Rider Air Cleaner - Stag
£30.00 Each
Replacement Lo-Rider Filter - Stag
Automatic, incorporates auto-kickdown facility

Throttle Cable and Bracket

THROTTLE CABLE (adjustable length) plus MOUNTING BRACKET c/w socket attached to cable & ball for carb throttle lever. Full slack adjustment facility.

£95.00 Each
£75.00 Each
Reconditioned Stromberg Carburettors for Stag

Stromberg Carb Reconditioned

Stromberg Carbs, Original Stag - fully reconditioned, plated and polished with new needles, jets & seals. Original Stromberg carbs fully reconditioned Plated and polished with new needles, jets and seals. Assembled and mounted on centre pedestal. IMPORTANT: When you receive your new carbs from my supplier, note down what you receive from him and send exactly the same parts in exchange to his address, which you will be given after ordering, not to Monarch. Must be clean and re-usable or the ex s/c will be retained. NB. In no circumstances will Mk.1 Strombergs be accepted in part-exchange for Mk.2. If we find you have returned Mk.1 carbs and we have supplied Mk.2 then your surcharge will be retained. If you have Mk.1 carbs and you want them re-conditioned you can send them in and we will recon them with pleasure for the same price. Exchange Surcharge £75

£425.00 Each
Stromberg Carb Reconditioned