Holley 4 Barrel Carb Kit

I can offer you a kit at the lowest price with many special features offered by Monarch.

I can offer you a kit at the lowest price with extra features as follows

  • All ports not needed closed off for you
  • Supplied correctly jetted for Stag engine
  • Comprehensive fitting and set-up instructions
  • Properly engineered, high quality, fully adjustable throttle cable and bracket assembly (no cutting, crimping or soldering to do) with ball and socket connection to carburettor. This is essential for low wear, reliability and long trouble-free life. Very easy to fit.
  • The only adaptor plate that is angled to compensate for engine tilt which is necessary for improved performance
  • Large flat pancake high-efficiency air filter

STAG Adaptor Plate available, 
ROVER Offenhauser 360° Inlet manifold, superb performance

You MUST specify your gearbox type else kit for Manual will be sent by default.
NB. The Webber 500 4-barrel is TOO BIG for the Stag engine. It was designed for far bigger engines and will only be operating in the bottom 25% of its band. The Holley on the other hand was specially designed for small V8's.
Lowest kit price available today


Mounted on Stag manifold, with Lo-Rider air cleaner Top View, mounted for Stag Adaptor Plate Side view Adaptor Plate

Products Available

£725.00 Kit
Manual Stag Gearbox
£737.00 Kit
Automatic Stag Gearbox