Rose-jointed link-rods tie the back of the trailing-arms to the differential, controlling unwanted sideways movement (the main cause, along with worn half-shafts, of the famous STAG twitch. This kit will improve handling. Rubber dust protection boots now included in kit as standard for the outer rose-joints.

Eliminate Pitch and Steering Wander with the Rear Track Control Kit from Monarch

Monarch have a kit on offer which eliminates pitch and steering wander without having to fit polyurethane bushes on your rear trailing-arms. In fact, it works better with the standard rubber bushes. This linkage was invented by Gordon Timms and has been tested on his car and several others since 1997. When I saw it I could not believe how clever it was and, by agreement with Gordon, geared up Monarch to produce it for the benefit of other Stag owners. It really transforms the driveability of the car and together with Monarch's Rilsan low-friction driveshafts, which prevent lock-up under load, the old problem of "Stag Twitch" is eliminated. The overall improvement in handling is amazing. It gives the Stag safe and predictable handling equivalent to a modern car. Furthermore the rods can be adjusted to give neutral steer, slight understeer or even oversteer if anybody should prefer it.

Gordon wrote an article about his invention which appeared in the StagMag in March 1997 and is reproduced here with his kind permission (See Articles). Basically what the link-rods do is almost eliminate all sideways movement in the trailing-arms which is caused by the pivots being too close together and the compliance in the rubber bushes.

The kit uses rose-jointed link-rods with a special mounting bush to connect the rod ends to the Stag's trailing-arms and a bracket to the diff mounting the inboard end, thus providing much-needed additional control under cornering loads.

The kit is very easy to fit, requiring the drilling of only two holes and comes with full fitting instructions.

But don't just take my word for it, here is what one satisfied customer had to say:

"Hi Jonathan,

What an excellent kit the Rear Track Control kit is!

Thanks for getting it through in time for Prescott. I found fitting the kit no-problem at all and managed to complete the job within a few hours.

I've made a few improvements to my Stag suspension over the last couple of years including a complete rebuild front and back, lower springs, poly bushes, and up-rated shocks but, nothing quite improved the handling this much!

The car is much more stable and balanced in corners and I've found now that I can keep the power on through corners which I would have to let off on before. Gear changes in fast corners are no longer scary and the car will now over steer in a controllable way! It even feels better poised when driving in a straight line and is far more capable of handling the power from my tuned Rover lump.

I'm now looking forward to testing it up Prescott.

Thanks again!


- reproduced with kind permission of Tim Jarrett


Products Available

£185.00 Pair
£10.00 Set of 2
Extra Rubber Dust-Protection Boots
Available for the inner rose joints (2 needed)